Spotify plans to launch a “Platinum” subscription

Spotifythe Swedish music and podcast streaming platform, has recently announced a Platinum plan that would offer “Hi-Fi quality”, that is, high-fidelity audio. While this had been planned to come into effect in 2021, there has been no indication that it has started to work.

As it turned out, the new plan would have a value of 20 dollars per month and would include a series of improvements with respect to the free and Premium versions. A user of the social network Reddit (@nearlymind) commented on this in a post where he explained that, upon unsubscribing from the Premium plan, the platform asked him to complete a survey asking him “if he would change to Spotify Platinum in the next 30 days,'” according to Page 12.

Next, shared a screenshot of the comparison between the plans. there they read new benefits such as Hi-Fi quality, studio sound, headphone tuner, audio information, libraries and pro playlists and limited ads on podcasts.

Apparently it is an improvement that offers a higher quality sound than the one used in the other plans, which have a higher degree of compression (and, therefore, loss of information). Thus, the audio achieved would be of CD quality, the best standard that can be achieved in the digital realm. This, in fact, has existed since before and there have been platforms that made use of this option from day zero such as Tidal and Qobuz.

It is worth remembering that Spotify delayed its plans for this Hi-Fi version by almost a year. Everything indicates that they were in check when Apple Music offered the possibility of playing music in that quality and with Dolby Atmos without having to pay any extra. However, this was denied when the CEO of Spotify declared that it was not available due to licensing issues.