Spotify HiFi would give rise to an expensive new subscription level called “Platinum”

One of the outstanding questions Spotify it is the possibility of accessing high definition sound, a feature present on several platforms that compete for the subscriber cake.

Hence, the company announced, in February 2021, the launch of a new subscription system focused on high-quality audio and that will have the name of Spotify HiFi. As promised at the time, the alternative would allow listening to music “in CD quality” with digital audio without quality losses, higher than the 320kbps quality currently delivered by the service.

But although no additional details were given, beyond the promise that the subscription would be available in 2021, and that never happened due to licensing problems, now a new report sheds light on the plan that Spotify would have.

According to a reddit user, who canceled his subscription, a survey began to circulate on behalf of the company. In this was listed a subscription level called “Platinum” that would cost $19.99 (Almost $20 thousand Chilean pesos) and would be available in less than 30 days.

In addition to lossless audio, they would also deliver enhancements to the library, playlists, headphone settings, and additional options called Audio Insights and Studio Sound.

Apple delivers spatial audio with Dolby Atmos without charging a more expensive subscription, but Spotify’s bet won’t be to upgrade any of the existing premium plans, which cost significantly less than the anticipated $19.99 for the new “platinum” plan.