Spotify HiFi is real: but Hi-Fi sound would be part of a Platinum payment plan


It was February 2021 when Spotify made an announcement that everyone was waiting for and that put them in the same competitive territory as the rest of the applications on the market with the finally integration of High Fidelity sound.

This variation of the platform became known as Spotify Hi-Fi and it marked a jump as important as it was urgent in the face of the advances of Apple Music that integrated better sound quality within its service.

The reality, however, is that since the announcement almost a couple of years ago little was known about this project, while Tidal and Apple Music kept improving the quality of their sound.

Now, out of nowhere, it seems that the platform has decided to wake up and get back into action, taking up everything related to Spotify HiFi, but it seems that now everything would have a cost.

Spotify Platinum would integrate High Fidelity sound at a much higher cost

Since 9to5mac The report arrives from a user of his Spotify subscriber community, who, when trying to cancel his account, received a promotional email where he was offered to stay on the platform in the paid mode, offering him access to the Platinum plan.

The issue here is that nobody knows what Spotify Platinum consists of, since the company has not formally announced this new modality.

Although, according to the email received by this user, the plan would cost USD $19.99 per month, double that of a Premium monthly plan.

The platinum version of the music service would give access to some exclusive features such as Studio Sound, Headphone Tuner, Audio Insights, Library Pro, Playlist Pro and podcasts with more limited ads.

In other words, the platform would be about to integrate commercials into its podcast section, to the park it would add some functions for those seeking better fidelity, as well as the opportunity to organize the libraries of each user.

It is a fact that in recent times Spotify has been distributing surveys to some of its paid users, who wrote this article received such a questionnaire, which exactly describes the functions indicated in the original report email.

Said survey raises some supposedly hypothetical subscription prices, which are also equivalent to double the current cost for an individual subscription, with the exception of the family plan, where the increase is not so substantial.

So it seems that Spotify will finally integrate the HiFi sound that so urgently needs to stop sounding like an FM radio. But it would have a relatively excessive additional cost.