Splatoon 3 is banning players even though it’s not released yet

Not for sale yet, but Some Splatoon 3 Players Are Already Getting Bannedand even risk bans from Nintendo Switch Online.

This is because over the weekend Nintendo conducted an online test of the game, giving players the opportunity to try out the upcoming title. On the occasion, it came to light that some players decided not only to dedicate themselves to playing, and cThey began to modify the game file, which resulted in a series of bans by Nintendo.

According to reports, heThe main reason is that some players would be accessing places that are not available in this test with patches being distributed online. Dataminer OatmealDome noted that players are receiving console bans if they have modded the game, and potentially even outright bans from using Nintendo Switch Online.

It should be remembered that Splatoon 2 received an Anti-cheat, which could detect patches like the ones being used with this demo, so it is believed to be one that works very similarly.

As for the launch of the game, Splatoon 3 is scheduled for release on September 9.

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