“Sorry, but what does it have to do with…?”: the tense crossing of Paty Maldonado and Cata Pulido in the middle of the program

It is no mystery to anyone that Patricia Maldonado and Cata Pulido do not mince words and, when commenting on national events, they do not leave a puppet with a head.

So at least it was demonstrated again this Tuesday in a new edition of Las Indomables, a space that both do daily through YouTube.

On this occasion, the sharp tongues analyzed what happened with Nicole Block, who caused talk in the last few hours after the serious complaints of repeated abuse he made against his former partner, Juan Cristóbal Meza.

tense meeting

Of course, on this occasion, beyond attacking the protagonists of the events, the opinion that Pulido presented generated a tense moment with the former Mucho Gusto.

“It was also learned this weekend that Denise Rosenthal’s husband, Camilo Zicavo, brother of Abel Zicavo, Camila Vallejo’s partner, put the hat on her,” the actress said without warning, a question that generated her friend’s response.

“But excuse me, what does it have to do with being hit on the back of the head or having your shell removed… ma’am, what does one have to do with the other?” Maldo stopped her short.

“Patricia Maldonado is just as violent for me, violence is violence,” the interpreter argued back.

“No, but each one thinks as they want,” the opinionologist replied before continuing the conversation.