Soon the opening of a new TGV line linking Paris to Le Havre?

The Ministry of Ecological Transition has high hopes for two projects: the expansion of electric cars and the train. One of the flagship projects of the moment is this line linking Paris to Le Havre, via Rouen in less than 2h30, the current journey time.

Anne Hidalgo, Patrick Ollier, president of the Métropole du Grand Paris and former LR deputy, as well as the Horizon mayor of Le Havre, Édouard Philippe, are leading the project. A political alliance on all sides has been created to speed up the process.

What will the new connections called Ligne nouvelle Paris – Normandie (LNPN) consist of? It will be a new type of line, halfway between the TGV and the TER. A train that will run between 200 km/h and 250 km/h. The new Paris-Normandy line project is stalling, but it will accelerate.

“We are a few weeks away from being able to present what our rail ambitions will be,” promised Christophe Béchu, the Minister for Ecological Transition. “It goes without saying that the LNPN must be part of it and that it must be in the high pile. In 2023, we must accelerate decisively on these routes.”

An agreement with nine communities

“The train, the train, the train”, hammered this Tuesday Édouard Philippe. The former Prime Minister and Mayor of Le Havre is putting all his political weight to move the project forward, he who will chair this agreement for two years, which has just grown.

“We have taken an interesting step as nine communities have joined us and created an agreement with us,” he said. “And basically, there’s an initiative there that doesn’t have much of an equivalent.” A global project to also develop river freight, for the transport of goods, but also culture and tourism around an Axis Seine label.