Sony wants to grow by making Xbox smaller says Phil Spencer

Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard has become quite the soap opera, and the conflict seems far from over with statements constantly coming from different sides. Now Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, has referred to this pointing out that Sony seeks to grow by making Xbox smaller.

Within the framework of the podcast, Second Request, it is that he referred to the problems that are arising to get the purchase approved, pointing his darts at Sony and pointing out that These are the great opponents of the purchase being completed.

“There’s really only been one big opponent of the deal, and that’s Sony. And Sony is trying to protect their dominance in consoles, and the way they grow is by making Xbox smaller. They have a very different view of the industry than we do,” said Phil Spencer.

Spencer went a bit further and questioned Sony’s business model, noting that “They don’t ship their launch games to PC, they don’t put their games on PS Plus when they launch…”, emphasizing that “The world’s largest console maker has objected to the one franchise we’ve said will continue to launch on the platform.”.

It should be remembered that Xbox promised to continue launching Call of Duty on PlayStation consoles for 10 years, however this has not prevented the United States Federal Trade Commission from filing a lawsuit to try to block the purchase, while European regulators continue to examine the deal.