Sony Patent Reveals PS5 Games Could Come To PS4 And PC Through PS Now


PS Now is a Playstation service, which allows its subscribers to access a catalog of more than 500 Playstation 4 games, which is constantly moving adding new titles, a service that seems to be adding PS5 games very soon.

as is well known PS Now It is a service that allows you to download games to both PS4 and PS5 and that is also available on PC through the cloud system, where this latest system of according to a patent published by Sony could start accepting PS5 games.

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as explained dualshockers This patent would seek to expand the power of the cloud, using a low latency and high speed system, using an Nvme SSD storage system as a base for transmitting files to users, which according to the media could be understood that Sony would seek to implement PS5 games on PS Now.

At the moment there has been no official announcement from Sony, and although patents do not represent the future, they manage to secure the technology in some way and as we have seen on some occasions, especially with Playstation, it may be that in the future next let’s see this topic come true.