Sony lost nearly 2 million PlayStation Plus subscribers

Apparently the launch of the new version of PlayStation Plus did not work as Sony expected and it is that in its earnings report more recently the company revealed that lost almost 2 million subscribers on that service during the quarter between June and September of this year.

According to the report (via VGC) PlayStation Plus had 47.3 million subscribers in the previous quarter, but subsequently dropped to 45.4 million subscribers.

Although Sony did not directly detail the causes of this drop in the members of its service, it is not necessary to speculate much to deduce that factors such as the different levels of membership and the limited benefits would be elements to consider in that phenomenon. But of course, not everything is negative for Sony since, courtesy of higher prices, its profits also increased by 10%.

However, as favorable accounts are not likely to last long without an increase in subscribers, it is worth noting that Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki blamed third-party game sales and the fact that “more people coming out outdoors” of this fall.

“There has been a decrease in the number of PlayStation Plus members”, Hiroki Totoki said. “However, in the second quarter we renewed our services and there has not been a big push as a whole. Also, we did not do aggressive promotions during the second quarter.”