Sony launches a lighter model of the PlayStation 5

From Sony they continue to make changes to optimize the PlayStation 5, and now a small revision has begun to reach the markets. This is the version CFI-1200, which is slightly lighter than the original console, released in 2020 and the revision of the same in 2021.

As it became known, some Japanese stores pointed out that this model would be launched on November 15, however, the model is already available in some markets, such as in Australia, where it has already been seen in some stores.

The detail indicates that the console, in its digital version, it is 200 grams lighter than the 2021 model, weighing 3.4 kilos. while the standard version weighs 3.9 kilos, that is to say 300 grams less than the 2021 model and 600 grams less than the launch version.

It should be remembered that this is not a Slim version or anything close to this, and is only related to the usual changes that consoles have over the years.

Recently from PlayStation they announced a rise in the price of the console in various markets around the worldto which they also referred from Microsoft and Nintendo noting that they have no price hike planned of the consoles.

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