Sony and Tencent take 30% of From Software

There is no doubt that Software is one of the most respected studios of the last decade. And it is that of the company of Hidetaka Miyazaki masterpieces like Dark SoulsBloodborne, Sekiro or Elden Ring.

Now, as reported Gearoid Reidya columnist for the popular media outlet Bloomberg, Sony and Tencent have acquired 30% of the studio. A maneuver that, truth be told, hardly anyone could predict.

In this way, Sixjoy’s Tencent becomes the second shareholder of From Software with the 16.3%. For its part, Sony Interactive Entertainment owns the 14.1% of the company.

The joint investment has been 36.4 billion yen. Despite this exorbitant outlay by both companies, Kadokawa Entertainment continues to be the majority shareholder of From Software.

At the moment, we do not know how this investment will affect the future of the study led by Miyazaki, although we can foresee that it will result in the creation of new IPs. Let’s remember that Sony already participated in the development of Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls.

This is a very interesting move. we don’t know if positive or notand that demonstrates the great interest that the video game industry has in From Software. The impressive sales of Elden Ring will undoubtedly have had something to do with it.


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