Sonic Frontiers is the Sonic with the most content to date

SEGA wants ambition not to be left behind. Sonic Frontiers is going to be the hedgehog game with the most content we’ve ever seen.

From skepticism to optimism at the stroke of a trailer, details, statements and gameplay. sonic frontiers is proving to be much more than it seemed in June, and the picture it shows is much better than the disaster predicted in June. SEGA wants to give everything to him and make him lay the foundations for the future, that’s why he has made sure that sonic frontiers be the Sonic game with the most content in history.

Takashi Iizuka, director of the game and boss in the Sonic Team, has emphasized it in recent statements with Everyeye. The creative affirms that they have designed the world of Frontiers so that it constantly stimulates curiosity, as well as so that there are infinite things to do:

I can’t reveal how many levels there will be in the game. Still, I can guarantee that Frontiers has the most content that has ever been included in a Sonic game. We wanted to make sure that the Starfall Islands are stimulating enough for playerswith a lots of minigames and activities that capture their attention as they explore. When we had to create the maps, we immediately thought about where we should put the puzzles, the ramps and all those elements that could keep the user’s curiosity alive.

Takashi Iizuka, head of Sonic Team

Will quantity equal quality? For now, we know that the open world will be combined with Classic Sonic 3D levels and that there is much, but much to discover. We hope that all that enormous variety of content from sonic frontiers managed to build the best hedgehog adventure to date.

The sheer size of Sonic Frontiers on Switch revealed

Although a few days ago we were able to know its exact release date, today the size that Sonic Frontiers will occupy in the memory of Nintendo Switch has been revealed. Well, if you plan to purchase Sonic Frontiers through the Switch eShop, you will have to take into account its large download size, which … continued


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