Sonic Frontiers Game News: An entire island of deleted characters reappears, check it out here

sonic frontiers: an entire island of deleted games resurfaces, see it here

Sonic Frontiers went on sale a few weeks ago and was considered a small revolution in the saga, especially with a large open world to explore: it turns out that the developers had planned an entire island, finally eliminated from the final content. Here it is again.

Doctors without borders

On November 8, SEGA released Sonic Frontiers, the latest game in a mythical saga that was already well developed. This time, the sonic team has worked on a new vision of the blue hedgehog: huge open worlds to explore freely with plenty of platforming oriented activities and more spectacular combat than usual… even with bosses the size of buildings.

The fans seem to be quite seduced, while the press has given the title an average rating of 73%, which is almost 15/20 in more than 80 reviews. This is quite honorable and of course, Fans have been diving into the game’s code to discover the big and little secrets hidden by the developers.

55 minutes of gameplay on a mysterious island

It was in the version of Nintendo Switch where YouTuber Deathproj_Hun made an interesting find: an especially large and unused beta island in the final game, full of puzzles and platforming with rails, springs and other typical components of the Sonic games.

Whereas in the official game the map is divided into four separate islands, each with portals to “classic” Sonic levels, this brand new island has none of that. However, it seems like it was planned, but the studio left it out for some unknown reason. In addition toSonic Frontiers players will recognize aspects of the four islands here, mixed together on this secret piece of land.

Did you make Sonic Frontiers and were convinced of the new formula? Do you think SEGA should continue with it?