Sonic Frontiers becomes the most played game of the saga on Steam

Sonic Frontiers, the new installment of the popular Sega franchise is now available and the game is having a great success or at least it is on Steam, where the game has become the most played of the saga.

According to the data provided by SteamDB, the game reached a peak of 19,181 simultaneous players, figure that almost doubles the previous record, which belongs to Sonic Mania, which achieved 11,937 simultaneous players five years ago.

As for more current games, in the case of Sonic Origins, andThis only managed to gather 2668 players.

Along with this, the game features a majority of positive reviews on Valve’s platform.

“Two worlds collide in Sonic the Hedgehog’s fast-paced new adventure! Fight against hordes of powerful enemies as you explore a stunning world full of action, adventure and mystery. Reach new heights and experience full-throttle excitement and freedom in the open spaces of five massive Starfall Islands. Enjoy the adventure and harness the power of the ancients to stop these mysterious new enemies. Welcome to the evolution of Sonic games!”, write down the description of the game.