“Something effervescent”: Stefan Kramer will show off in imitation of Don Francisco in his presence at Socios de la Parrilla

Tonight Channel 13 will broadcast a new episode of Socios de la Parrilla, the show by Pancho Saavedra, Jorge Zabaleta and Pedro Ruminot, which will feature the impersonator Stefan Kramer and Don Francisco.

The emblematic face of the Telethon went to the talk show to refer to the new edition of the event that will take place on November 4 and 5, starring in a funny moment after comedian Stefan Kramer imitated him perfectly, causing laughter in the drivers. .

“I felt very happy, it was something effervescent. Many times I have to act and repeat characters, but I felt that this time magic happened because it was an opportunity to try to improve and make it fresh, in addition to being able to meet again with the Partners and with Don Francisco, with whom I have a very good relationship, “said Kramer about Kreutzberger’s reaction to his impersonation.

“It was like being at home, with memories, nostalgia, identity, closeness, good vibes and friendship”, about his participation in the program”, he added regarding his participation in the show.

Don Francisco applauded him

“This man is really extraordinary, these borders are too small for him and I think he has to end up being a world star, because I don’t know anyone who is capable of making all these voices that we hear, and it’s not that they look a little bit alike, but which are the voices of the people”, added Don Francisco about Kramer’s work that will be broadcast tonight after Tele13 Central.

Check out a preview below: