Soccer players would be committing infidelities between them

The Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022 It has brought with it a great series of scandals because of the venue of the event and now, with a new scandal that suggests that some players are committing infidelities among themselves.

The soccer world cup Qatar 2022 is highly charged with controversies off the pitch, and it is that the Spanish program Telecinco ‘Socialite’, He has given details about one of them, which would have to do with a series of infidelities in a European team.

It is about the selection of Serbian, in which his players would be committing infidelities with the wives of other of his teammates. The first case reported in the scandal would have been that of Dusan Vlahovic, who currently has a model as a girlfriend, but would have been linked to the wife of the team goalkeeper Majorca, Pedrag Rajkovic.

“Jealous people always make up a story, stupid people spread it and idiots believe it!” he wrote in Twitter the latter’s wife, posting a video with him to clear up any doubt about infidelity.

The other player involved in this scandal would be the midfielder of the Seville Nemaja Gudelj, that he would have cheated on his partner with the wife of Luke Jovic, ex player of real Madrid and current team striker Fiorentina.

These revelations would have been denied by the players, but there are various users of the social networks who affirm that these would have happened and only deny them to hide what has been happening.