“So that people know”: Perla Ilich warned her followers about a serious scam she suffered at a gas station

Perla Ilich alerted her followers to the alarming alleged scam she suffered at a gas station in Santiago through her social networks.

The gypsy shared a video detailing the confusing situation she experienced with a worker when she went to pour gasoline into her car after she realized that it was not, but they charged her anyway.

“So that people know that gasoline is sky high, one comes to pour gasoline, they pass you the ticket, they say they fired you and the gasoline is not there, they did not pour a liter. So that people know and do not make it hue… The situation is difficult, ”he assured in the registry, according to what was recorded look what he did.

The former reality girl said that she realized what happened when the car stopped a few blocks from the service station.

“You work and pay that money”

“Here is my ticket, coming out of the pump, four blocks away I was thrown, they had to help me push the pump again, because no gasoline was poured on me,” he explained.

He also said that “the boy who attended me says that I have to send an email or pour gasoline again to see if the needle will go up.”

The gypsy then assured the worker that he laughed at the situation, which made her cry with rage at what was happening.

“Even if you throw in 5 or 10 thousand pesos, you work and pay that money, so that moreover they come to scam you,” Perla sentenced about the outrageous situation she experienced.