“So that it is not a Gemini”: the particular request of the midwife to Marlen Olivari when she was preparing for the birth of her son

Marlen Olivari did her thing in the recent episode of text game, where he was honest about different topics and also caused some debates with his particular opinions.

Although he also made the panelists laugh with his funny anecdotes, one of them being the particular request made by his midwife while preparing for the birth of his son Lorenzo Marocchino Olivari.

During the conversation, they asked him about his fanaticism for the Italian singers Laura Pausini and Eros Ramazzotti. It was so that the show woman revealed that they were special to her because of the music that her husband Luciano Marocchino put on when she was giving birth.

“Luciano put on an iPad with that music when she was giving birth,” Marlen started explaining,

After that, he revealed that “it turns out that coincidentally my gynecologist (…) and his entire team are of Italian origin.”

It was then that Marlen surprised everyone by revealing the fun conversation she had with her godmother and her particular request to the ex. Morandé with Company.

“The midwife had asked me to please put up with me for two more days and I say ‘but why?'”, she recounted.

“He told me ‘you can hold out for a couple of days’, ‘why’, I told him. ‘So that it’s not Gemini, so that it’s Cancer’ (he told me she) ”, revealed Marlen, surprising all the panelists in the study.

María Jimena Pereyra then asked her if she believed in the zodiac signs, to which Marlen answered yes.

“I told her ‘Doctor, if you tell me what is best…’. She told me ” yes, I have a Gemini child and I don’t want it to turn out the same as mine. Cancers are super good children.’ I put up with it, I told him, “Marlen concluded while those present laughed.

Finally, the show woman clarified that her son was indeed born Cancer according to his sign.