“So absolutely cruel”: Anita Alvarado said that her ex wants to take the house away from her and broke on screen

“That man was so cruel, so absolutely cruel.” In those terms, Anita Alvarado referred to her ex-partner and father of her youngest child in the Goodnight everyone (TVN).

As she recounted in a conversation with Eduardo Fuentes, she has had problems paying for electricity and water, while her husband wanted to take the house away from her after keeping the car. That is why she began to sell products on the street and, later, to make home deliveries.

In the middle of the story, she was moved to reveal some of the difficult scenes she has had to face, such as “my daughter (Xephora) telling me ‘mamita help me wash my hair'”, for which she had to “boil water to pour it into a bucket, and I would throw the water and the tears on her hair”.

“With the suffering of my heart, I said ‘My God compensate me for every tear’, so that my children do not see me suffer,” she said, according to Mira Lo Que Quiz. “And they haven’t seen me suffer.”

“The one who has eaten everything has been Angie, because she was the oldest who was also there with me suffering,” she said about her firstborn.

“If the woman accepted you, accept it, have a little dignity,” she attacked her ex-partner. “They left you for a lot of things.”

In the midst of this difficult scenario, his business emerged to sell nuts. Out of necessity, he assured him, he went “house to house with a supermarket cart”, together with his children offering the products.

“I think people bought me out of pity,” he declared, although “I thank God how blessed I have been,” because a friend provided him with a van so he could make deliveries and because his offspring did not lack the basics .