SmartThings Station is Samsung’s new smart home device

Within the framework of CES 2023, Samsung presented SmartThingsStationyour new smart home hub.

SmartThings Station is a device that aims to help users to manage your home appliances and create routines for your way of life.

According to Samsung, SmartThings Station would not be complex to implement and it would only be enough to turn it on for a Samsung Galaxy smartphone to start the configuration or you can also scan its QR with another smartphone.

But what does SmartThings Station do? Basically it allows you to automate processes at home. Thus, while, for example, you can create a routine for exits where the device will turn off lights, electrical appliances and activate security, it can also control elements such as thermostats.

“A smart home hub helps multiple devices, including thermostats, lighting, and power outlets, seamlessly interconnect with other devices connected to the smart home server, so they all work together to create a harmonized environment. SmartThings Station makes it easy to automate preset routines created through the SmartThings mobile app, without the need for users to manually control individual devices.” Samsung explains,

SmartThings Station also comes with other Samsung features like SmartThings Find to find devices and can work as a 15W fast charging dock.

SmartThings Station will be launched in February in the US market and has not yet set its debut for Latin America.