Skull and Bones is delayed again

One of Ubisoft’s big bets is Skull & Bones, the video game that will take us to live life as a pirate who will have to do everything possible to become the king of the seven seas. Robberies, cannon fights and more is part of what we will have to do to achieve our goal.

this amazing game been waiting for a couple of years and had to overcome a difficult pandemic time that made him delay even more, leaving a final date for the next november 9something that we were able to discover at the last Ubisoft event along with new material that shows us how great it is coming.

However, the French studio has now confirmed that the pirate adventure will not be able to arrive this year despite the fact that, they say, the video game is finished. “Although at this moment the development of the game is already finished, the extra time will allow us to further polish it and balance the experience”, is part of what was communicated by the developer studio.

And that extra time to which he refers is five more months, since the new release date was set for March 9 next yearwhich incidentally confirms that Ubisoft will be left without a triple A release to close this 2022.

“This is the right decision, both for the players and for the long-term success of the game, given that March 9, 2023 is an appropriate launch window for this unique new brand,” they closed.

We remind you that Skull & Bones will reach PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.