Singer of Los Enanitos Verdes serious: Marciano Cantero hospitalized

Argentine media report that Horace Edward Martian Stonecuttermain composer, bassist and leader of the Green Dwarfs, from 62 years old, one of the most remembered bands of the Latin rock phenomenon in the 80s, was admitted in serious condition on August 29 at the Cuyo Clinic, located in the province of Mendoza, where he is from.

This was made known by a niece of the musician, who gave her testimony to the local newspaper The Andeswhere he also clarified that Cantero have a kidney condition.

The group had recently finished the tour that celebrated the 40th anniversary of the beginning of their career. They appeared in Mexico and the United States, and in October they planned to travel to Peru.

According to the newspaper The nation, Cantero had already been installed in his native province for some time. The morning details that a kidney complication caused the bassist to undergo an operation where a kidney and part of his spleen were removed. “He was operated on Monday, he is in intensive care, little by little he will improve”commented one of his friends to the newspaper Clarion.

From the artist’s family, they made a call to their close ones so that they did not transcend information about their medical evolution.

For this day, it is expected that the Cuyo Clinic will refer to his state of health.

“Marciano” has a long history and an abundant load of hits in one of the most popular ensembles of that decade. Among his biggest hits stand out “The green wallI saw you on a trainFor the rest” Y “Bolivian lament”. In 1984, the group composed of Philip Staiti on guitar, Daniel Piccolo on drums and Marciano on vocals.

Already with Latin America in their pocket, in 1988 they fulfilled their dream of being at the Viña del Mar festival, where they won two Silver Torches. They have come to Chile frequently in recent years, revitalizing a bond with the national public that has never faded.

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