“Since it caused so much commotion…”: the release of Fran Undurraga for the criticism he received by private postcard

Fran Undurraga usually wins over her followers with each new postcard she shares on her social networks. Although that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get hateful comments from her body.

The influencer surprised by sharing a flirtatious postcard with a harsh release, after having received criticism because the veins on her chest were noticeable.

For the same reason, Fran uploaded the same photo to her Instagram account, but this time she clarified that it was “without a filter” and sent a message to everyone who questioned her.

“Now yes, I took out the filter so that the veins would not be “noticeable” so much, since it caused so much commotion…”, the model wrote at the outset.

Along the same lines, he added: “It seems incredible to me that when someone on TV makes a comment regarding the physique of another woman, everyone screams to heaven, but they have no problem coming to criticize the physique of a public person ”.

“So people, be consistent!” Asked the influencer.

“Double standard”

“I love being who I am, sexy, busty, etc, etc. I feel good inside and out, and that’s what’s important,” she continued.

Fran then sent a message to her followers, noting that “if you want to show the photos you want on your insta, do it! If you want to be skinny or chubby, do it! If you want to dress sexy or demure, go for it! Total, we are all free”.

“But let’s learn to respect the freedom of others and not be ‘double standards,’” said the young woman.

“PS: it would be weird if he didn’t have veins…”, Fran closed.

Check out the post below: