Silent Hill f will be the new video game in the saga set in Japan in the 1960s

obviously the remake of Silent Hill 2 It was not the only thing that Konami announced in its broadcast about the famous franchise and in that instance other projects for the horror saga were also revealed.

First of all Konami announced to Silent Hill f. a new video game from the main line of Silent Hill. This title will be developed by the Neoboards studio and will feature Ryukishi07 as a writer to tell a story “completely new story” set in 1960s Japan.

According to what was indicated in the description of the announcement trailer, Silent Hill f It will show “a beautiful but terrifying world”. Something that the trailer that you can see below implies that it will be related to a species of fungi.

But that’s not all, because apart from Silent Hill f from Konami announced to:

  • Silent Hill: Ascension “a new interactive streaming experience” which will be released in 2023 and whose goal is for players to have a collective fear experience. This title will be developed by Genvid, Bad Robot (JJ Abrams company), Behavior Interactive and DJ2 Entertainment.
  • Silent Hill:Townfall, a co-production of Annapurna Interactive (stray) and No Code Studios (Stories Untold, Observation) directed by Jon McKellan.

For now there are not many details of these projects, but what is certain is that the saga Silent Hill came back to stay.