Silent Hill 2 Remake has been created with Unreal Engine 5

It has been revealed that Silent Hill 2 Remake from Bloober Team will feature a rebuilt combat system and developed in Unreal Engine 5.

Silent Hill 2 Remake will keep the essence of the original game

Behind the showcase that took place yesterday, the PlayStation has added a new entry in its official blog. In this, Motoi Okamotoproducer of Konami, has shared new information about the development of the game.

“With a fresh perspective, we’re rebuilding the combat system and certain sequences, among other things. Now that you can basically see what James sees, we’ve managed to find new ways to keep the player on his toes.”

title is being developed with the graphics engine Unreal Engine 5. Likewise, it will use Lumen and Nanite technologies, achieving more realistic graphics and managing to transmit to the player a greater sense of terror and overwhelm.

“With the possibilities offered by Unreal Engine 5, we are going to bring this sinister and misty city to life in ways never before possible. The game will delight PlayStation 5 gamers on a visual, auditory and sensory level.”

The intention of this remake is keep the essence of the original game and achieve the same result that this one achieved. However, it has already been mentioned that it will have some changes, such as the camera on the shoulder. This is intended to immerse the player more in the game and become a more immersive experience.

Silent Hill 2 Remake no release date yet. Therefore, we will have to be attentive to the Konami networks to be able to find out all the news.

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