Side B: Pellegrino’s hand and the disappointment of a blue youth

The U won for the first time in the yearthe first triumph in the era of Mauricio Pellegrino and he did it by receiving at the CDA Workshops of Cordobawho tried to reach a tie, but could not in a match that had unusual situations that the referee had to resolve.

“Take care of the ball”

The fact that the match was without spectators allowed some dialogues to be heard on the pitch. In the first part, Nery Domínguez emphasized avoiding so much pitch. In the second half, when he changed the entire defensive line, between Luis Casanova and Ignacio Tapia They frequently spoke with Yonathan Andía, Daniel Navarrete and Mauricio Morales. “You have to take care of the ball”, “don’t raffle it” and “remember what we talked about” were some of the usual instructions from the blue background.

Workshops, ‘local’

Despite the fact that the game was without spectators, Talleres managed to play together with a good number of fans. Among the extensive delegation, more familiar to some players, the team had the support of dozens of people. In any case, the behavior was impeccable.

The great victim

Both clubs reached an agreement that the second half would start playing 11 against 11 despite the expulsions that both teams suffered in the first half. After a tug of war with the referee José Cabero, everything continued 10 against 10 and a player on the court who expected to play the entire second half had to retire: Cristian Pardo. The blue end also played, but only the last minutes of the plugin.

Garrido’s consolation

With Christopher Campos as the last starting goalkeeper and Christopher Toselli who arrived to fight for the position, the situation of Peter Garrido it got complicated again. Everything indicates that he will again be the third goalkeeper. And while a loan option is being considered, Pellegrino chose to give him the last 12 minutes of the game. Although he conceded a goal, he scored with two interesting saves.