Should we fear a month of “Red March”?

Noa Moussa, edited by Laura Laplaud

While the annual negotiations between manufacturers and distributors are due to end on Wednesday, many experts fear spectacular inflation on the shelves of our supermarkets in March. Some even call it the month of “red March”.

This is an expression that you must have heard, frequently used in recent weeks, we risk experiencing a month of “red March”. In other words, a new, spectacular rise in the prices of products sold on supermarket shelves.

Negotiations concluded no later than March 1

This could be the consequence of the annual negotiations currently taking place between manufacturers and distributors. The former want the final sale price to take into account the increase in production costs (energy, transport or even raw materials). While the others fear having to pass on this increase in radius.

“By the time large retailers change their prices, it can be done over two or three months! Most large retailers fear a significant increase and therefore the dissatisfaction of their customers”, says Éric Pichet, professor of economics. at the Kedge Business School. Michel-Édouard Leclerc, the president of the strategic committee of the E.Leclerc centers, goes further and talks about the red quarter.

The magnitude of this month of “red March” known on Wednesday

The government wants to be reassuring but rules out a 30 to 40% increase in product prices. However, prices will indeed increase. During these negotiations, the manufacturers submit the new tariffs to the distributors, who accept them or not. “The demand that we put in the prices is around 10 to 12% increase. The result that we will have is the responsibility of the distributor. And that, people will see it in the coming weeks at the food level”, recognizes Jean-Philippe André, the president of the national association of food industries.

Negotiations will end Tuesday evening. The extent of this month of “red March” will be known on Wednesday.