should the richest be protected?

Laura Laplaud
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8:43 a.m., August 29, 2022

Inflation, debt… Should all French people be protected, even the richest? For the economist and writer, Jacques Attali, guest of Europe Matin on Monday, there should be a “big debate” on access to “means-tested protection”.

A year ago, Jacques Attali, economist and writer, warned of “the brutal and discontinuous inflation to come”. The prospect of inflation at 10% at the end of the year now seems conceivable, as do the risks of social unrest. “We will have to continue to cushion the shock. We protect against inflation through taxes. Should we protect everyone? The big debate we should have is to put all the protections under conditions of means, say that the richest should not be protected and that the less rich should be,” he said on Europe 1 on Monday.

A debate that could be difficult to have. How to fix the cursor? “It’s up to politics to fix it,” he continues. “Income tax has defined what it means to be poor, those who are not taxed, those who are rich and therefore highly taxed. There are many allowances or benefits that are not means-tested .”

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