shoot in his goodbye to Bulla

University of Chile began the pruning of players thinking about the 2023 and this Tuesday he had his first big farewell. Álvaro Brun signed his settlement and is no longer part of the Romántico Viajero squad, although in his goodbye he took the opportunity to make several points clear.

The Uruguayan defender will return to his country, where he hopes to continue his career. “One thing that more or less has been talked about is Uruguay, but from saying to doing, we have to wait. We have to have meetings with my old club,” he acknowledged to TNT Sports.

Although after that, Álvaro Brun analyzed his time at the University of Chile and brought out the heavy artillery to shoot with everything. “One respects the coach, one may or may not like it. With Sebastian, I’m sure it wasn’t to his liking. Things also happened.”

“Personally, I had a couple of little problems, but it was at the beginning. When two colleagues were injured, I did not travel to Uruguay for a personal issue, but simply saw that I was not being considered, I had things that I considered important to travel and I did not was considered,” he added.

With Luis Casanova and Nery Domínguez injured days ago, Álvaro Brun tried to play the last chance. “When that happens, obviously I said “This is my opportunity”. I had hoped, but things did not happen. They did not count on me and I continued with the project I had to go to Uruguay, without pay.”

The defender did not stop there and stressed that his absence was due to a topic that had already been discussed. “It’s been six games since I was summoned and I saw that it was a decision to go support my family in an undertaking that cost us a lot. Each one makes their decision, when I saw what happened, I tried to change gear because I felt ready to play, but other determinations were made and I went to Uruguay without pay.”

“This permission had been discussed three weeks ago, because on those dates it was already stipulated. When that happens, the first thing I told the sports manager who was the one who spoke to me, was that if it was in mind, I would stay. But in the afternoon They told me to travel safely,” he added.

Although despite everything, Álvaro Brun stressed that his relationship with Miranda was on good terms. “These are things that happen in football. Afterwards I spoke with Sebastián, we don’t have any personal problems. Things were clear and that was it. It was a misunderstanding that left me in a bad position with the journalists and the fans of the U, but it’s It’s good that the truth is always known.”

Álvaro Brun uncovers problems in the internal of the U

Álvaro Brun analyzed what happened this season in the U and was hurt that he had not found regularity. “Sportingly, I think it was a bad year. One came to look for solidity, to be a starter every weekend and I didn’t make it. I think that, let’s be realistic, a team that has been saved from relegation in recent dates is difficult to look for high returns “.

But after talking about the personal, he had a particular reflection on his colleagues. “Sometimes it also becomes difficult when there is no clear idea of ​​what you want to do and that is what the U has to work for what is to come. A club becomes stronger when everyone knows what they have to do, not when three do one and four do another. That’s where it becomes difficult”.

“That’s manageable. There were problems like there are in any campus. What bothers is that it goes out. It’s a big picture, we know where it is, but above all things I want to say something,” he added.

Finally, he had words of thanks for the fans. “I said that I came to the best team in Chile for my taste. And I confirmed it, because people make the team and in the U they surprised me for good. Today they win a fan in Uruguay, it was a pride to wear this shirt”.