Shock in Argentine football: Aldosivi player commits suicide after not being considered and his father accuses his representatives

A new tragedy impacts Argentine football. It is about the suicide of Samuel Rebollo, a 20-year-old player belonging to the fourth division of Aldosivi, who made the decision to take his own life after the team from Mar del Plata decided to set him free and not consider him to sign his first contract as a professional. He had arrived at the beginning of the season at the club (which recently descended to the First National) after passing through the minor divisions of North Central, Lanús and Platense.

The news shocked the entire trans-Andean media, since the father of the ill-fated soccer player accused the representation company of having some responsibility for what happened. “There is something behind this. There is a company that represents him that is going to have to give me explanations through the prosecutor. We were yesterday with his mother in the place. I want to see cameras and everything”José Rebollo told Radio Miter.

“I still can’t figure out what’s going on. I just arrived from Buenos Aires to my province. I went to bring the body of my son. Samuel was whole, let all football people know, ”he continued, later recounting how the last contact was. “He talked to me before. I couldn’t get him the bus to come to Salta. He told me that today I had to be here, where I am today”he detailed.

It also coincides with the club’s version that the player had never shown any kind of suicidal behavior. “When we bury him tomorrow, and give him eternal rest, I will come back. This is not going to end like this. He was not my son, he was my friend. We talked every day. When he went free, he was prepared for it.”held.

Previously, José Rebollo had written a heartbreaking message for his son on social networks: “You left a pain that will never heal, my black. I only ask God and Our Lady to give me the strength to continue in this nightmare. I am going to look for you, son, for your eternal rest, ”he published.

It is not the first time that something like this has happened in Aldosivi. In 2020, and in the midst of a pandemic, the young Leandro Latorre, 18 years oldHe also decided to take his own life. The club had released him after going through the sixth division of the institution. He tried to find a team, while recovering from an injury, but was unsuccessful. He fell into depression and committed suicide.

Before leaving, he left a letter and several farewell audios, a painful situation that was later narrated by the victim’s mother. “He alludes to the great pain he had because of what had happened to him in Aldosivi, because of how he felt. He expressed to us that he felt useless, useless, tired. Before he left, my head filled with questions, because one knows how difficult it is to get there. It was difficult for me to accept the club’s decision to release him and much more the bad treatment of the coordinator, ”he revealed.

In Chile, the Ministry of Health has a special line for mental health and suicide preventionby calling 600 360 777.