Shiftall features a muzzle-shaped microphone that isolates the voice and reduces ambient noise

MADRID, Jan. 17 (Portaltic/EP) –

the tech company shiftall has presented mutalka muzzle shaped soundproof microphone, It reduces ambient noise, isolates the voice so that others cannot hear it, and acts as a tool for video games or meetings.

This company develops various household appliances and design devices based on technological innovation and in the interconnection of everyday objects with the Internet through the IoT, As you mention in your Web page.

The Japanese company has created Mutalk, a microphone capable of isolating the user’s voice to prevent unauthorized eavesdropping and that reduces the impact of ambient sound, in order to minimize noise and optimize audio quality.

This device simulates a muzzle and allows the connection of different devices through bluetooth. In addition, it is designed for used during video game games, as a complement to virtual reality (VR) headsets or even for meetings in noisy environments.

Thanks to the fact that it reduces the impact of environmental noise, the participants of a video call will be able to clearly hear the interlocutor, without the surrounding conditions interfering. In addition, Mutalk has a headphone jackallowing it to be linked with practically any device, from PCs to ‘smartphones’ and tablets.

This device also incorporates a auto mute technology the microphone when placed face up on a flat surface, so that the user does not have to manually disable the microphone. In the same way, once it is picked up to place it in the mouth, it is automatically reactivated.

At the level of usability, the device can be used either with the hands or with an adjustable band to place it in the mouth. In this way, the user can participate in either a conversation or a game without the obligation to continuously support it.

From the company they have indicated that Mutalk gets a sound deadening of around -20 decibels for both external noise and internal sounds. On the other hand, if the noise reaches very high levels, it is capable of muffling down to -30 decibels.

All this is thanks to Hemholtz resonator principle, which achieves a significant effect of soundproofing. This ‘gadget’, which weighs 183 grams, It also has a battery with an autonomy of eight hours and its charging time is approximately one hour.

Finally, the company has stressed that, as it is a device that is continuously in contact with the mouth and therefore requires certain health conditions, Mutalk allows change mouth pad which includes inside, as well as wash it with water.

The Mutalk microphone will be available soon in USA, although its price is yet to be determined. At the moment, the Japanese manufacturer has not made reference to other markets in which it plans to put this device on sale.