“She’s very pretty, nice, but…”: the comment that was repeated for Emilia Daiber’s debut in Yo Soy after the departure of Millaray Viera

The last Sunday, Finally, the last chapter of Yo Soy was broadcast headed by Millaray Viera, who in mid-December announced his departure from Chilevisión.

For the same reason, and as anticipated, Emilia Daiber was in charge of taking the baton. And her debut came on Monday’s episode of the talent show.

The journalist was received with fanfare and received all the good vibes from the jury.

“Emi, we welcome you official. Have a good time and we welcome you with love and joy”, Jean Philippe Cretton told him at the outset.

“Welcome Emilia to the best team on Chilean television, which welcomes you with open arms,” ​​added Fran García-Huidobro, while Antonio Vodanovic wished her “long life in this program.”

After cardboard, Emilia herself took a few seconds to dedicate a message to her predecessor.

“I wanted to take a few minutes to send an affectionate greeting to our partner, my dear friend Millaray Viera, who has gone in search of new horizons. We wish her all the success in the world and we have no doubt that she will be like that, ”she said on screen.


As expected, the appearance of Emilia Daiber generated various comments from viewers, who were not indifferent to the change of cheerleader.

And in this context, the communicator received several compliments but also some criticism for her style. In addition, there were not a few who missed Millaray.

“How slow Emilia, I hope she gets better”, “I am demotivated to see I am without Millaray”, “Millaray is missed, the program is no longer the same”, “Emilia is very pretty, nice, but a little stupid. Surely he lacks time to plug into the program ”, were some of the comments that could be read on the web.