“She was rather shy…”: Daniel Fuenzalida revealed details of the affair he had with Shakira in the past

This Monday morning, the former members of beats me they took the morning Pleased to meet you. Daniel Fuenzalida, Sergio Rojas, Luis Sandoval and Andrés Caniulef talked about show business and some television cahuines together with Karen Doggenweiler and José Antonio Neme.

It was there that Karen asked the former Huevo about his romance with the singer Shakira, which occurred in the late 90s.

It all happened on a visit by the Colombian artist to Chile in 1997, where she appeared on the program Salt and pepper from Mega.

“He came to Megavision at that time. They made a tremendous launch of the Heaven nightclub (…) She came as a guest and released her album, Pies descalzos, ”explained Fuenzalida.

Later, the former driver revealed that the day he found out that “when you entered the event, they gave you a pin with a flower. And I took off that flower, when they start introducing Shakira, ‘This is from a youth program’ (…) She was famous. She was rotating by all means.

“When they say, ‘we’re introducing you to a youth entertainer,’ I take off this pin and give it to him (…) Then, when he turned around, I had already had a cocktail (…) When an hour and a half had passed, we met face to face at the bar”, Fuenzalida continued with his story.

“I played it”

He also revealed that Shakira, having spent the night, still had the presenter’s gift. “She opens her hand and tells me: ‘I still have your pin’ (…) We stayed talking for a while (…) We basically talked about music,” she said.

After that, Fuenzalida said that he had the opportunity to make a mobile for Extra Youth with the singer. “The label managed to have an exclusive with Shakira,” she added.

“When they confirm me, I tell the journalist that, simply, when he is with Shakira, look at the monitor. ‘Notice that she looks at the monitor.’ I played it there. And at three in the afternoon I send flowers to the hotel on my behalf,” said Fuenzalida.

It was then that, during the mobile with the artist, the journalist followed the instruction and Shakira saw it on the screen. She “sees me on the monitor and she tells me: ‘You are the same entertainer of the flower that last night she gave me on the brooch.’ I told him, ‘I’m the same and I’m also the same one who sent you flowers now’ (…) Then he tells me, ‘how cute, how cute’, we started talking on the air, ”she revealed.

After that meeting, Fuenzalida was told that Shakira specially invited him to a meal that he attended. There the announcer met the Colombian singer.

“We began to be more alone. The people from the label began to leave and we were left with a small staff, where we ended up in a kind of after-party at the hotel, ”she assured.

Finally, Daniel confirmed that there were kisses in his meeting with Shakira. “Yes, there was a meeting (…) she was rather shy. There was a kiss, I don’t know if it was passionate, it was more of gratitude,” Fuenzalida said.