Shakira is accused of six crimes against the public treasury of Spain before the end of the year

In the midst of her legal conflicts for having evaded taxes, the Colombian singer Shakira has been accused of exactly six tax offenses against the public treasury of Spain. With this, the interpreter must prove that these accusations are false, unless she agrees to pay the money for which she is sued.

If you are a loyal fan of Shakira, You will know that the year 2022 was undoubtedly the worst year of his life, since he faced his separation with the Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, and these last few weeks it has had some winds in its favor, and finally it seems to see the end of the tunnel.

But now, as revealed by Spanish journalists from Laura Fa Y Lorraine Vasquez, the former Spanish motorcycle champion site pons, who faces a similar case with the treasury, has just been acquitted by the court. A fact that creates legal proceeding and could benefit Shakira They affirmed this, since if the interpreter accepts these charges, I don’t know, it would lengthen the trial even more, which is what she does not want.

the interpreter of ‘she-wolf’ is accused of six crimes against the public treasury, which would have been committed between the years 2012 Y 2014, but the court has not adopted any precautionary measure against the artist.

The Spanish Treasury accuses her of evading some 14.5 million euro After there were indications in 2012, at that time the singer already resided in Spain and was therefore obliged to pay taxes in the Iberian country.

Specifically, the prosecution maintains that the singer lived in Spain regularly between 2012 and 2014, according to the indictment published by the agency EFE.

And you, do you think Shakira Will you finally be able to complete this legal process?