Sex scandal in the Serbian national team: footballers are accused of getting involved with the wives of teammates

Although the Serbian team keeps its chances of qualifying for the round of 16 of the Qatar 2022 World Cup intact, the cahuin of a sex scandal would be the main topic of conversation in this country.

Dusan Vlahovic and Nemanja Gudelj are accused of having sexual relations with the wives of Predraj Rajkovic (Ana Rajkovic) and Luka Jovic (Sofija Milosevic). It treats of four players that comprise of the equipment and that already would be aware of the rumours.

It should be noted that this information was revealed by journalist Richard Wilson, who shared a Twitter thread with all the background.

“I’m not saying that the things at the beginning of this thread happened, I’m just saying what the widely spread rumor is. But what happened would lend credence to the theory that there is a big fight involving Vlahovic and that fitness isn’t the only thing he doesn’t play for,” Wilson wrote.

According to Wilson, Gudelj would have had an affair with Sofija Milosevic, Jovic’s partner, which would have caused a fight between the two during training. Supposedly, the adventure happened the night after the debut against Brazil.

He denied the rumors

Aware of this thread, it was Vlahovic himself who denied everything: “It is absurd, complete nonsense, complete nonsense invented by people who have nothing better to do. They want to destabilize us.”

“I am ready to defend my name; legally, if necessary. What is said is a lie and the atmosphere in the team is very good. Our goal now is the match against Switzerland and it is very sad that there is talk of something else, ”he added.