Samsung SmartThings is updated, now offers you support for this

Samsung SmartThings incorporates Matter

But what exactly is this Matter thing? He is a protocol used to connect devices that are compatible with each other. It is one more option to communicate systems, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In this way you can control devices from your mobile, through applications, and better manage your home automation.

It is a new protocol and little by little it will appear in more devices and brands. This time it was the turn of Samsung, which has announced that it will update its hubs and devices to support the Matter protocol. It is something that they will be doing over the next few weeks and will allow users to start using it.

Keep in mind that this support for Matter by Samsung’s SmartThings comes just a week after the protocol’s launch. This means that they are among the first to issue certifications. This update will be coming to SmartThings v2 and v3 hubs during this month. It will also come to the SmartThings dongle and Android app. This update will also come later for smart TVs, monitors or refrigerators.

Therefore, Samsung goes one step further so that its home automation devices are even more intelligent and have greater capacity to control domestic devices that are part of our daily lives. In addition, this protocol also improves aspects such as security, as well as the fact that it is open source, which will encourage it to be used on more devices.

Path to a more useful home automation

The ultimate goal of this protocol, as well as others that are already present, is to allow home automation to really be useful for users. The fact of being able to control devices from the mobile, turn devices on or off remotely, makes our home smarter. This also makes it possible to take better advantage of the available resources, save energy and automate many tasks.

We are on the way to an increasingly useful home automation, which reaches more and more users, and which we can use for our daily lives at home. A few years ago, having smart devices of this type was much more expensive, limited and it was not easy for most to configure them or know how to use them.

Little by little home automation is getting closer to what we can say as common users or masses. In fact, it is estimated that by 2025 a large number of homes in Spain will be home automation. The figure is going to increase year after year and part of the blame lies with protocols like Matter, which make it increasingly useful to have this type of technology.