Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Plus: Filter images of the new smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the S23Plus They are one of the most anticipated phones of this year. The company has become a favorite for users by creating advanced devices with cutting-edge technologies, also being a major contender for Apple and its line of iPhones, and like those devices, its expectation is so great that the rumors and leaks are inevitable. Now, weeks before its presentation, we already have a look at what these phones will be like.

The first images.

The leak came from Nieuwe Mobile, a publication from the Netherlands, which posted images of the device. These are not product, but renders of what it will look like, showing your camera, colors and overall design. samsung will officially present the expected smartphones on February 1st, and will be on sale shortly.

From what we can see, both the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and S23 Plus have a metal frame with a glass cover design. The side does not change much but it seems that the buttons are lower than in the previous ones. Confirmed colors are Phantom Black, Cotton Flower (in cream), Botanical Green Y Misty Lilac (pinkish).

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As for the back, it looks flatter and in the camera we can see five sensors. Three of the lenses are believed to be the primary, the ultra-wide, and the rumored 10x telephoto (with a massive zoom), all of which look larger than the other two.

Some reports indicate that the main camera of the Ultra will be 200 megapixels, a considerable advance that had not been seen in the samsung galaxy, and is expected to have autofocus and a better stabilization tool. On the other hand, the devices are expected to run on the chip Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which would give better overall performance.