Saints Row Game News: Co-op, Vehicles, Options, and a Huge Update to Compensate

Saints Row: Co-op, Vehicles, Options, Massive Update Coming to Amend

Saints Row released last summer, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon: Ahead of any possible DLC, the developers are planning to refine the experience with a massive update that should arrive very soon.

Over 200 patches to come

In August 2022, Volition released Saints Row, a reboot of its famous saga that offered a completely new setting, a completely new city and completely new characters. If the adventure turned out to be a change of scenery, However, it was unstable for many players who pointed out a plethora of bugs that marred the experience.

The developers are well aware of this and announced a major update weeks ago that fixes and improves over 200 items. This massive update is live now on the Saints Row Twitter account: The game is due out later this month on PC, PS5, PS4, xbox series Y Xbox One. »And here’s a little sneak peek.

A little preview of the program

Also on Twitter, Volition has detailed some of the fixes coming with the update. In fact, the study goes furtherIt is going to redesign some aspects and add new features.

  • Fixes in cooperative mode: Significant effort and testing has gone into ensuring co-op works as intended, including connectivity, minimap issues, and rewards given to each player. Having fun with a friend in Santo Ileso should be a much smoother experience in the future.
  • Challenges and Collections: another hot topic. These should be tracked correctly after the update and will be awarded retroactively if you’ve met the condition to get them, so make sure to update your game when the patch is released to get that all-important 100%.
  • Open world: you should see more pedestrians and cops, collectibles should be easier to find, and you’ll be able to escape notoriety levels more easily.

As for new features and other improvements, here’s a handful:

Make combat more balanced, fun, and rewarding in terms of progression

  • Many new ways to manage your vehicles, including more storage space and 7 new garages throughout Santo Ileso
  • New district levels and more walking saints in your mastered districts
  • PS5 supports DualSense haptic feedback again
  • A new boss voice customization option
  • Improvements in the user’s interface…. and much more.

See you at the end of the monthon a precise date yet to be announced, to discover all this as it should be.

Saints Row: Co-op, Vehicles, Options, Massive Update Coming to AmendSaints Row: Co-op, Vehicles, Options, Massive Update Coming to Amend