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Colo Colo He is already working with a view to what will be the 2023 season, a year with tremendous challenges at the national and international level. The Cacique’s trainer, Gustavo Quinteroshas the difficult mission of reinforcing a squad without having quotas for new foreigners, so the search must be covered by players of Chilean nationality.

Will there be vacancies for new foreigners? The Uruguayan nationalized Peruvian Gabriel Costaends its link with Colo Colo and is surveyed by Lima clubs. If his departure does not materialize, there is the option that Augustine Bouzatwith one more year of bond, go on loan or reach an agreement to terminate the contract.

The next challenges that will cross Colo Colo’s path are the Super Cup, the National Championship, the Chilean Cup and the Libertadores CupTherefore, the desire of everyone in the popular team is to inject elements for a highly competitive squad, which allows them to face all the competitions next year.

Who comes to Colo Colo?

Gustavo Quinteros’s requirement was to have at least one reinforcement per line. For now the arrival of the goalkeeper has been made official Ferdinand of Paulwho recognized himself as “very happy and excited about this new challenge. I really wanted to come and train, I was able to be with my teammates and they received me in a very good way”, valued the goalkeeper of Argentine origin and Chilean national.

For his part, the Argentine-Chilean defender Ramiro Gonzalez, count the hours to arrive at Macul. The defender from Platense this time passed the medical exams, which last semester prevented his arrival at the club.

Who returns from loan?

Regarding the players who left on loan and must return to Colo Colo, there are eleven cases in which the coach Gustavo Quinteros Together with the Football Commission they must analyze carefully. The most prominent is Williams Alarconwho is called up to the Chilean national team after a great year at Unión La Calera.

But the list is longer and the names of Bryan Soto (La Serena Sports), Ignacio Jara (Spanish Union), J.Juan Carlos Gaete (Cobresal), Felipe Yanez (United Coquimbo) and Javier Parraguez (Sport Recife).

El Búfalo is a mystery: he scored eight goals in 2022 in Brazil and ends his relationship with the white cast this season, so his return to the Monumental is unlikely to materialize.

Who leaves Colo-Colo?

Colo Colo already has four casualties for next season. The most delicate case is that of gabriel suazo, who ends his contract with the Cacique and did not reach an agreement to renew, so he hopes to make the leap to European football. “I have my dreams to fulfill. This will always be my home. I have football aspirations to go to an even more competitive football, to be able to continue growing as a player and as a person,” said the captain.

For his part, Matias Zaldivia advances in the termination of his contract, which will allow him to jump to Everton de Viña del Mar, where he will be accompanied in defense by Julio Alberto Barroso.

The situation of three other discarded seems less auspicious. Christian Zavala He will leave the team on loan in search of more regularity, despite the approval of Gustavo Quinteroslike Omar Carabalifed up with substitution

While, Carlos Villanueva He ended his contract with the club: “I’m leaving with nostalgia because I know I could give much more, but I had to learn a lot. I hope to return one day with the corresponding maturity and be champion again with the most beautiful shirt,” he added on the way to reinforcing Ñublense .

Different is the case of Luciano Arriagadawho this season practically did not add minutes and in advance ended his relationship with the Cacique and joined Athletico Paranaense in Brazil.

Who sounds in Colo Colo?

As usual, new names linked to Colo Colo appear every day, a powerful rumor factory in transfer times and which today seems to have an eye on every attractive Chilean soccer player.

Among those mentioned are Bruno Barticiotto Y Vicente Fernandez (Palestinian), George Mirror (Copperloa), john delgado (Pacos de Ferreira), Jovany Campusano (Nublense), Rodrigo Echeverria (Everton), Carlos Palacios (Vasco da Gama), martin rodriguez (DC United) and Diego Rubio (Colorado Rapids).

Different is the case of miiko bathrobewho already defended Colo Colo in 2021 but due to his constant injuries he only played nine games wearing the Alba shirt.

Colo Colo challenges Manuel Pellegrini’s Real Betis! El Cacique faces Claudio Bravo’s team in two luxury friendlies this Wednesday, November 16 and Saturday, November 19, and you can see both exclusively on STAR+.