Rumors Confirmed: Steam Cloud Play Is Now in Beta in Some Countries


A few days ago, thanks to an inspection of the code of the latest Steam beta version, information was obtained about a possible agreement between Nvidia and Valve, to bring the CloudGaming to the Steam platform.

According to what was known Steam has been “flirting” with the idea of ​​​​enabling a form of Cloud Gaming to its platform, and according to what was thought this could take shape thanks to Nvidia’s Geforce Now.

Recently the platform has reported that this feature would already be available on Steam and any game we have in our library can be played with any device.

It has been, as previously mentioned, an alliance between Nvidia and Valve to bring Geforce Now to the Steam platform, and now it is also available to developers, who may or may not choose to appear available on Steam Cloud Play.

“On Wednesday, we updated our documentation and emailed a small group of developers with details on how to sign up for the program. We are working with Nvidia to make sure the experience is easy for both gamers and developers.”

However, Steam Cloud Play will only work in North America, Western Europe and Asia-Pacific countries at the moment, due to technical limitations that Geforce Now still has.

This service will increase its coverage later on and we hope that in the not too distant future, our Latin American region will also be able to enjoy the capabilities offered by Steam and Nvidia for cloud gaming and no longer require powerful machines to enjoy our video games. .