Rumor: Bloodborne Hunters Edition Coming to PS5 AND PC; With Upgrades And New Weapons

Bloodborne has long been one of the most loved FromSoftware games by Playstation 4 players and thanks to PS Now, one of the most played on PC, however, its improved version for PS5 and PC has been highly requested by the community and despite no official information, several rumors suggest that it will arrive soon.

Not long ago we were able to learn through an insider that the existence of the remastering of Bloodborne on PC and PS5 exists, however, Sony is still silent and reluctant to make any kind of announcement about this game so loved by the community.

However, as he collected GameRant In a recent article, a new rumor has arrived, this time it seems to come from a source recognizable by Bloodborne fans, since it would be the same user who once leaked accurate information about the title on PS4 before its release.

According to the rumor that spreads on the networks, the title in question, called Bloodborne: Hunters Edition, would follow the same path as the company’s other Directors Cut for PS5, where it is proposed that it will be a divided paid update, where users with only the type must pay $20 USD extra, those who have the The Old Hunters DLC They will have to pay $10 USD and those who own the Game Of The Year version would be free.

On the other hand, the rumor mentions that the PS5 version will have different performance modes, where one will give the capacity of 60FPS and 1440P, another will allow playing in 4K with Ray Tracing at 30FPS, mention is also made of the PC version, which It will be capped at 60FPS.

In addition, the rumor indicates that apart from the graphic improvements that Bloodborne Hunters Edition will have, some maps will be expanded, not too much, but more can be explored, and there will also be 6 new weapons, 3 for the left hand and 3 for the right hand.

Finally, the 4Chan user refers to a release date, which could occur between January and February of next year, something not very different from another similar rumor that spoke of December.


As in everything and especially with 4Chan, we must take this type of information very carefully and not have high expectations, just keep it in mind, in case something like this comes true, but it is also curious that Bloodborne has not yet received improvements on PS5 despite its popularity.

Bloodborne is available and exclusive to Playstation 4.