Rumor: 2023 will be “the moment of F-Zero” and more details about Metroid Prime 1

We bring a curious message related to one of the most beloved franchises by fans of Nintendo. It is actually about f-zero.

As we have learned, a new rumor has been circulating on social networks in recent hours. This has gained strength because it comes from NateTheHatean industry insider who has nailed previous Nintendo revelations.

In this case, he has stated that “F-Zero’s time will come in 2023”. It hasn’t added anything else, but it is believed that it could be related to previous reports by Emily Rogers and Liam Robertson that pointed to a GameCube F-Zero GX remaster released in 2003.

Along with this, he has also added the following about Metroid Prime 1 after the rumor that reached us Yesterday:

As for Metroid Prime 1… Retro completed development on the game in late summer 2021 (for clarity: development ended then, still had to go through QA, any localization, etc.). The game has been finished for some time. Nintendo just chose to wait to announce it and bring it to market, for whatever reason.”

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