Ruler and Gen.G go their separate ways.

Transfer news is the order of the day in the competitive League of Legends and, for example, the LEC is proving it. We have had very important news in the last few hours, such as the return of Rekkles to Fnatic. Still, the surprises keep coming. Just a few minutes ago the bombshell jumped in the LCK and it is that Park «Ruler» Jae-hyuk and Gen.G go their separate ways after four years and by mutual agreement.

A big piece moves in the LCK market: Ruler and Gen.G separate

This news may have caught more than one off guard and it is not for less. The team’s season has been praiseworthy, not for what was done at Worlds 2022, but for what succeeded in korea. Gen.G ended the curse of him the past summer-split and was crowned as LCK champion before his black beast: T1. It is true that Jeong «Chovy» Ji-hoo had a starring role. Even so, Ruler’s work was not far behind and that is pulled the caras he had been doing for more than four years.

The farewell has been through a statement on social networks and accompanied by a video with the shooter’s best moments. The Korean player has left moments for history, such as the quadruple murder for close the series before Damwon-Kia in the quarterfinals of the world past. The Worlds were closed for them in semifinals in a very even series too, against XRD. A fate that is familiar to them, since in the last edition they also fell in said round and before, again, the one who I would be champion.

Now, Ruler’s future seems somewhat uncertain, although destinations will not be lacking for whoever was world champion in 2017 with Samsung. His track record and long career are almost unbeatable and for this reason, the American organization has decided to make a grand gesture. Like in the NBA, his bib number 1 will be retiredsomething in which Chris Bosh (shareholder of the club and former NBA champion with Miami Heat) could also have had something to do with it.

What does the future hold for Ruler?

Well, after knowing the bombshell that this news has produced in the LCK, Ruler leaves a big void after he and Gen.G part ways. As we say, there are already teams that apply as candidates. according to several insiders the possibility of stopping at Damwon Kia is there and they need a shooter of guarantees.

It is time to find out if this decision supposes a change of course in his career or if he proceeds to continue in a continuous line and stays in Korea. What is clear is that she will be able to decide a good destiny. His ability to improve and the intangibles he can bring to a team that needs to win or is close to that step, can be very valuable.