Ropes and straitjacket: they reveal the chilling conditions of Chyno Miranda in a rehabilitation center

Tía Panchita, the rehabilitation center where Chyno Miranda was for ten months, is being investigated by the Venezuelan authorities.

It should be remembered that the artist suffered peripheral neuropathy due to the sequelae left by covid-19, and was hospitalized since December 2021 in Florida (Caracas).

His communications manager, Irrael Gómez, announced the first week of November that the singer was transferred to a private clinic.

While to reassure his fans, Chyno said in a video posted online that he was now “well taken care of”not like in Tía Panchita that “was like shit”.

Chyno Miranda in Tia Panchita

The horrific break-in

For its part, the Public Ministry of Venezuela and its attorney general, Tarek William Saab, released the chilling images of the center.

After the search they found tying ropes, a straitjacket, expired medications and other foreign objects that were used for patients.

Tarek explained that the voice of “Pretty Girl”: “is interned at the El Cedral Clinic for an exhaustive evaluation by order of the Civil Court, who has no impediment in receiving visits from his relatives: like his mother, uncles, brothers ” .

Raid in Tia Panchita
Raid in Tia Panchita