Roberto Tobar fires 14 Chilean soccer referees

Roberto Tobar gives his first change of direction as head of the Chilean soccer referees commission. Almost a month after taking officethe former FIFA judge, who retired after directing at the end of the Chile Cup, in the duel that faced Magallanes against the Spanish Union, takes his first steps that aim to revolutionize the activity.

Together with the commission that accompanies him, which is made up of Carlos Ulloa, Julio Bascuñán, Christian Schiemann, Claudio Ríos, Bárbara Bastías and Julio Díaz, Tobar decided to carry out a major restructuring of the referees who will lead the 2023 season. It did so after analyzing a series of variables, such as the age, performance and projection of those involved. She also met several of them to find out his aspirations within a discipline that has only raised questions in recent years.

Faced with such a scenario14 judges were dismissed from the ANFPaccording to information collected by Sporting. The list is made up of Raúl Orellana, Claudio Aranda, Rafael Troncoso, Omar Porto, Patricio Blanca, Manuel Requena and Fabián Aracena, among others. Several of these had even already been dismissed under the Castrilli era and rehired due to media pressure exerted by the union. Meanwhile, Fernando Véjar and Manuel Vergara will assume the FIFA category after Tobar and Bascuñán withdrew from the activity. The decision was made two weeks before the start of the National Tournament, which will begin to be played on January 20, in the duel that measures the recently promoted Magallanes against O’Higgins.

Tobar wants to turn around the questioned Chilean arbitration. He had already anticipated it in different interviews that he has granted. He intends to give a stamp to his work and that it not only translates into the correct application of the regulations, but also contributes to raising the competitive level. It is one of the commitments that he assumed during his active stage as a judge, which was reflected in the continuity that he intended to give to the parties that he directed in the local competition.

“I take risks, even if I end up losing, so that national football improves. There is a question of style. The style is my conviction, my motivation and why not say it, the vocational justification for wanting to be a referee: to give it rhythm and for one to be part of the development of our football. That is one of the reasons ”, he explained to El Deportivo.

Tobar’s idea is clear. “I seek to better empower the referees who are in the First Division, those who direct internationally and do cross-cutting work to train and give referees experiences. In the not too distant future we need important referees who continue nurturing us and directing us in First Division football.” added.

Pablo Milad, the president of the ANFP, has followed in detail every move in the arbitration. More when the helmsman promised during his campaign the idea of ​​renewing the referees to give more space to young people who seek to show their first weapons. A few months ago, the curicano anticipated the renovation work that had been carried out in Quilín. He is working hand in hand with Conmebol to generate training according to the demands of international tournaments.

First, we are going to follow a line that is Conmebol and FIFA, with what is the internal structure, where there is an administrative finance manager, where there is a head of VAR, a head of arbitration and a commission president. This means working with a bigger, more important filter, in what is the transfer from amateur to professional referee, ”he said.