Roberto Tobar denounces Gustavo Quinteros, the Colo Colo coach

Gustavo Quinteros is used to claiming against arbitration. The Colo Colo technician, on more than one occasion, has publicly indicated his disagreement with the performance of the judges. In the loss against Magallanes, for the Super Cup, he was no exception. The Cacique’s head pointed to Fernando Véjar, the judge in charge of the meeting.

“That the National Championship is not directed by referees who are not trained like this one (Fernando Véjar)”pointed out Quinteros. “What happened to us against Palestine on date 7 of 2021, an incredible nudge against Costa in which the VAR told him it was a penalty and expulsion, he did not charge anything (…) Today in their first goal the forward supports Ramiro González and did not say anything. Then a play that Gil (it was Thompson) went hand in hand did not charge anything. Every time he directs us it is difficult for us to win a game. We can tie, as we tied today, but with this referee…”, added.

Quinteros even accused the referee of entering the field of play directly to harm them. “Before the game started, I told the players ‘boys, we have to be very, very superior in this game to win it because this referee is leading us.’ I don’t know if it’s bad or charges against Colo Colo on purpose. But so that we don’t have problems with the players, that he doesn’t direct us anymore, I’ll tell the club to do something. Every time he directs, it hurts us a lot”said the strategist.

The words of the head of the Macul team did not go down well with the referees’ commission. Roberto Tobar, the recently inaugurated presidentraised his voice to defend his pupil. “Fernando Vejar’s performance left us very satisfied as the Referees Commission, since he was up to the task of a very competitive final and had no impact on the result of the match under any circumstances.” And, by the way, he reviewed the Cacique’s strategist. “Mr. Quinteros’ statements are very unfortunate, since they contribute nothing to the development of football and much less to activity in all its facets (…) This type of opinion exposes before public opinion and fans a referee who did a very good job. We certainly cannot accept it.”supplemented.

Tobar’s annoyance, however, was not just words. The former FIFA judge filed a complaint in the Disciplinary Court against Gustavo Quinteros. As El Deportivo was able to find out, the referees’ commission got tired of the strategist’s constant criticism of the referees, who have been coming since last season.

It is that within the commission of referees they consider that Quinteros’ statements sought to undermine Véjar’s image and, incidentally, damaged his technical and moral authority, by slipping that he seeks to harm the Cacique. In addition, with his sayings he seeks to press for future calls for the appointed referee to lead the matches of the Macul team.

Faced with such a scenario, Tobar denounces the coach of the champion of the 2022 season based on the first article, second paragraph, of the code of procedure and penalties that seeks to punish all those who violate the principle of fairplay, which considers good sporting faith. And it is based on article 18 of the code of procedure that empowers the commission of arbitrators to denounce this type of event.

This Thursday, the disciplinary court will receive the complaint against Quinteros. And, by the way, it will evaluate the steps to follow. Calling the Colo Colo coach to listen to his defense will be one of the first points. And, later, define if they sanction the DT. The penalty? As established in article 60, the head of Colo Colo can be warned or receive up to 50 games of suspension for his serious statements.