Rising prices, ads… Streaming platforms are looking for a profitable business model

Baptiste Morin, edited by Ophélie Artaud

1 euro more for Amazon Prime and Netflix, addition of advertising on Disney+ to lower the price… Despite their attractiveness, streaming platforms are reviewing their strategy to find the most profitable economic model possible. Europe 1 explains the reasons for these changes.

You may be planning to spend a Sunday at home watching a series. It’s getting more and more expensive. For example, 1 euro more for the subscription to Amazon Prime, which now costs 6.99 € per month. And the other streaming platforms are also reviewing their strategy in search of a profitable business model. Amazon is justified by an expansion of the catalog of series and films and the addition of the Roland-Garros tournament.

Disney+ is the most popular platform

Last August, it was the giant Netflix which had opened the ball. After having twice increased its prices, it had announced a new formula, less expensive, with advertising. Today, Netflix is ​​available from €8.99 per month. The offer with advertising launched in the coming weeks will reduce the bill by a few euros, with four minutes of advertising per hour.

The exact price has not yet been revealed and it is the same model chosen by Disney +, now the most popular platform. In France, the price is now €8.99 also per month. The offer with advertising will be launched from December in the United States. It will arrive in France in 2023. Only Apple TV still maintains an offer at €4.99. But it is rumored that the future enrichment of the catalog will necessarily mean an increase in the price.

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