Rise of the Triad’s ‘ridiculous’ 4K remaster is out in 2023

After a discreet initial announcement in 2020, the remaster of the classic FPS of the 90s has finally been detailed Rise of the Triad. It’s a collaboration between original developer Apogee Entertainment, remaster specialists Nightdive, and retro shooter fans New Blood Interactive, and is due out early next year.

Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition will include all original episodes and expansion packs, including the fan-created Return of the Triad, as well as a new episode. It will be in modern resolutions with increased and adjustable FOV, an updated HUD and UI, and the original sprites and textures. It will include a level editor and Steam Workshop support, as well as new multiplayer netcode, restored content including assets from the period during development when it was a sequel to Wolfenstein 3D, and the option to choose from the original music. or Andrew Hulshult’s soundtrack for the 2013 reboot, which was one of the only good things about it.

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