Riot Games publicly apologizes for disappointing season opener cinematic

After publishing the advances that the season of League of Legends 2023 in its classic vlog Riot Pls, the start of this new patch and the usual changes in the game after the start of the yearthey were going to be overshadowed by the particular cinematic with which Riot Games decided to open the competitive year.

Said cinematic was quite disappointing for most fans, who were used to seeing their favorite champions animated. on a high CGI and of course, it motivated all the players to start a new season of the game, this time the video only shows a camera that is walking against the entire Summoner’s Rift, something exaggeratedly basic, that even YouTubers or amateur content creators achieve in a few minutes.

“A message from Riot about the 2023 season: We’ve released a cinematic as part of the season opener every year since 2018, and we’re not wrong: everyone in League knows how much they love it. So do we! (Thread)”

The anger and disappointment of the fans did not wait, to the point that the company itself had to speak on social networks, saying that they were sorry for what happened and that they know full well that in previous years the standards were quite highbut due to changes in focus for what they wanted to tell, they felt that this was the best way to embody the competitive spirit of the game.

“This year, there were some unprecedented circumstances that caused us to choose an alternative approach to the Season 2023 video. However, we believed that it could still embody the vast universe and competitive spirit of League while celebrating the start of a new season. “

This is how they clarify it in the thread that shows all their apologies and justifications on Twitterwhere they explain in detail the reason for the cinematic they published and understand the anger of the general public, on the other hand, they affirm that they will look for a way to reward them and imply that they will commit to making another cinematic with the details that the public is used to .

Very high standards that were not met this year

This is unprecedented in the cinematics of League of Legendsall have had the particularity of having good songs, many of them with a competitive approach and show some iconic moment, either from the history of Runeterra or from some combat simulation in Summoner’s Rift.

Let’s hope that the company can organize itself soon to show a cinematic worthy of what we are used to and can give you a sense of belonging to what it really means to start a new competitive season of LOL and not, as many think, a camouflaged presentation of a new champion of which nothing can be seen.