Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty joins the cast of MultiVersus

Warner Bros. Games announced today that Rick Sanchez (Rick Y Morty) is now available as a new playable character in MultiVersus. Wait, you don’t know him? Well, it is a free fighting video game Y platforms developed by Player First Games.

Returning to the subject that happens to us, Rickalso know as Rick C-137, is a singular type. Often considered the smartest man in the universe, he arrives as part of Season 1 of MultiVersus. He is introduced as a mage-class character with a very particular move set. Why? Well, because he uses the inventions Y the tools of the great scientific genius.

The attacks Y special moves of Rickshowcased in new gameplay recently revealed, include his rechargeable blaster for ranged attacks, use of his portal gun for teleportation, jetpack for air travel, summoning meeseeks to destroy his enemies Y much more.

rick from rick and morty arrives at multiverse and joins a team with good sense

MultiVersus is a new free fighting video game Y platforms developed by Player First Games, which has a 2v2 team format Y features a top-tier cast of iconic characters. Among the characters are:

  • Batman, Superman, wonder-woman Y harley quinn (DC);
  • shaggy Y Velma (Scooby Doo);
  • bugs bunny Y the Tasmanian Devil aka Taz (looney tunes);
  • arya stark (Game of Thrones);
  • Tom Y Jerry (Tom Y Jerry); Jake the dog Y Finn the human (Adventure Time);
  • Steven Universe Y Garnet (Steven Universe); the Iron Giant (The iron Giant);
  • Lebron James (Space Jam: New Legends);
  • Rick Sanchez Y Morty Smith (Rick Y Morty),
  • Gizmo (gremlins);
  • Y an extraordinary Y original creature called Perreno.

More heroes will be added to the game Y regular celebrities, including Black Adam (DC), Stripe (gremlins) Y many others, who will join the cast of MultiVersus during the next few months.

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